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Updated daily, Dog Bite Law is a non-commercial website authored by the leading legal expert on dog bite law in America, Attorney Kenneth Phillips. Having a unique law practice, Phillips represents only people who have been bitten by a dog; clients include children and adults throughout the U.S.

Dog Bite Law is the most extensive and trusted resource for dog bite victims, dog owners, parents, and others who want to learn about the legalities of all aspects of a dog bite occurrence.

Attorney Kenneth Phillips is widely recognized as the country’s leading authority on dog bite law. He has appeared often on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MS-NBC, Court TV, and the Fox News Channel and has been referred to as “the dog bite king,” “a leading expert in dog bit law,” and “the nation’s best known practitioner of terrier torts.”

Dog Bite Law Overview:

American dog bite law consists of civil and criminal law, found in state statutes, county and city ordinances, and court decisions. The laws vary widely among jurisdictions.

The key issue in a dog bite case is the extent to which the jurisdiction follows the old English “one bite rule.” This ancient law shields a dog owner or harborer from liability, civilly and criminally, until he has a certain degree of knowledge that his dog is dangerous or vicious. When he has this knowledge, however, the one-bite rule rule makes the owner strictly liable for bite injuries.

In civil law which deals with compensation to injured people, roughly two-thirds of the states have statutes which either eliminate or modify the one-bite rule, making dog owners liable for all dog bites provided that the victim neither trespassed nor provoked the dog. In some states, the dog bite statute makes liability automatic, while in others, there are conditions or limitations.

Injuries caused by negligent handling or confinement of a dog, or by violating a leash law, also make a dog owner liable in almost all states.

Some sobering facts:

For details – including a breakdown of canine homicides by month since July 2006 – see Dangerous and Vicious Dogs.

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