San Francisco Real Estate Lawyers And Attorneys

Here’s some San Francisco real estate attorneys I have heard recommended over the years… But don’t take my word for it. Make sure to do your research.

-Jim Ader 510-444-7303
-Don Kirby 510-769-9522, “best eviction attorney around”
-Jeffery Woo (Woo & Associates) – 415-705-6470
-Charles T Jensen 707-527-9911
-Donald A Kirby 510-769-9522 (general REI attorney also a lender and RE
-James A Nations 510-301-4004
-Todd L Schultz 925-284-7884
-O Gordon Thomas 707-575-1991
-Ed Nagy – 510-839-2067

-Golden Bay Recovery Services 510-451-5950
-The Evictors 510-839-2067


Given that the San Francisco is very big on preserving the housing stock that they have rather than destroy/building how would someone be able to make money off the real estate market over there without flipping?

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