Hot To Remove Garbage Disposal Smells & Odors

I think we can all agree that a foul odor from the garbage disposal is one of the worst kitchen odors we encounter.

The horrible smell results from a combination of food particles left on the underside of the disposal’s rubber guard in the drain, and the nasty water from the dishwasher that is full of dirty mush. This gross meeting of food remnants creates bacteria, which in turn creates the less than desirable odor.

If simply cutting a lemon in half and putting it down your garbage disposal doesn’t get rid of the smell, you might have to be a little more hands-on.

Start by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the disposal’s rubber splash guard. Lift each rubber flap one at a time and scrub the underside with a sterile cleaning pad or toothbrush, on which you’ve put a mixture of water and bleach or a kitchen cleaner with deodorizer.

Making it a habit to clean the rubber guard every so often could very well end your stinky disposal issues.

Another useful tool in the battle to eliminate offensive odors can be found in your freezer.

Fill your garbage disposal to the top with ice cubes, cover it with a strong stopper or even a plate, and flip the switch. As the ice is broken down and crushed by the blade, it scours the inside of the disposal like a brillo pad on a casserole dish caked with burnt lasagna.

Next fill the sink with hot water, adding about 1/8 of a cup of grease-cutting liquid dish soap. If you have a divided sink, fill the side with the garbage disposal. When the sink is filled to the top, remove the stopper or plate while letting the hot water continue to run.

The grease-cutting dishwashing liquid works with the hot water to successfully remove the built-up grime and odor causing bacteria. As an added bonus, your pipes are de-greased a bit too.

Now that your garbage disposal has been ridded of smelly bacteria, deodorize it more with a lemon, lime, or even orange peels. The natural citric acid of the fruits release a pleasant odor and when added to your new habit of scrubbing the rubber disposal guard every few weeks, the odor causing bacteria won’t stand a chance.

For added prevention, be sure to run the disposal every time you put something in it so there’s no food left to create the stink-making bacteria.

The war against foul odors emanating from your disposal may feel too big to win, but with these helpful hints you can.


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