EZ Caps- Brew Alcohol At Home w/ A 2 Litre Soda Bottle

I was hanging out in my backyard with some friends the other day when we somehow came upon the topic of making our own alcohol. I used to live next door to some people who made beer in their backyard, and it always looked like so much fun but really labor intensive.

With all the crazy advances in everything, there has got to be an easier way to make your own alcohol. I trolled the internet for a bit looking for the easiest way possible to make alcohol in the privacy of my own home, and hit the jackpot.

Using just a plastic 2-liter soda bottle and an EZ Cap, you have everything you need to turn juice into a delicious alcoholic drink.

This is seriously the easiest thing ever.

  1. Pour fruit juice into a clean 2-liter soda bottle
  2. Add the yeast
  3. Screw on the reusable, patented EZ Cap
  4. Wait for 2 to 7 days
  5. Put the bottle in the fridge (this stops the fermentation and clarifies the beverage)
  6. The final result is a drink with up to 17% alcohol

The key is the EZ Cap – it’s like any other soda bottle top except that it’s a pressure release valve that prevents the bottle from exploding and also keeps contaminants out.

The EZ Cap kit includes 6 reusable EZ Caps, a large bottle of premium yeast (with enough yeast for 100 liters of alcohol) instructions and a recipe guide.

This process of making alcohol just makes sense – it’s easy, it’s not messy, and best of all it’s affordable! Just take a moment to think about all the money you’ve spent on alcohol in the last month, and how much money you’ll be save with the EZ Cap.

Because you use real fruit juice, the alcoholic beverages you’ll make with your EZ Cap contain many of the vitamins and minerals naturally found in the juices, and there are no artificial chemicals.

Although the EZ Caps kit contains no alcohol and can be sold to anyone, if you use the EZ Cap kit to make alcohol within the United States you need to be 21 years of age or older. Outside the United States, check your local laws.

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How did this workout?

i have the EZ Caps but do to a habitat relocation (i moved),
i haven’t started it yet.

Was there a juice you used that was better/worse that the others?

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