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In the days before Netflix and Guitar Hero, people invited friends over on Saturday nights for cocktail parties. The guests would actually get dressed up, and they would all be civilized and proper. Until they got a few drinks into them, that is.

The cocktail party faded away over time and people started hitting the town more and spending more money. Now that the economy has changed and people can’t afford to go out to restaurants and bars as much, it might be a good time to bring back the cocktail party.

And what better way to get started planning that cocktail party than finding creative drink recipes – and then trying them out? is the ultimate guide for cocktail recipes, techniques, and bar tending tools.

Tips and Advice

Modern Spins on Classic Cocktails
By definition a classic cocktail is a balance of simplicity, both in recipe and presentation, and complexity of palette. The cocktail’s quality is derived from the drink’s spirit base, which must be one or more of the premium classic spirits, whether gin, vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, or brandy.

Bar Tools

The muddler is an important bar tool for anybody wishing to make quality cocktails. You might commonly see it used by bartenders in a glass full of ice to mash lemons or limes when used in the construction of a drink such as a Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan or a Margarita. In the construction of a cocktail however it is used prior to adding any ice as a way to crush an ingredient in order to get it to release its oils and other flavor components.


A short stout glass, perfect for enjoying a whiskey on the rocks. The highball glass should fit comfortably in one hand but offer enough space for 4 ounces of beverage and plenty of ice. The more heft the glass has the more substantial your servings will appear.

Cocktail Recipes

Register with and create your own personal page where you can collect recipes and rate your favorite cocktails. Your customized list will make planning parties for birthdays, anniversaries and the winter holidays a total breeze.

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Please drink responsibly.

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