Oracode Keyless Lock System

The Oracode Keyless Lock System is an excellent way for vacation rental home owners and real estate professionals to manage the security of their property via the internet.

Oracode access systems are electronic push-button keyless door locks, with each user being assigned a time-sensitive traceable code.

The Oracode Keyless Lock System
-Codes for single use or preset duration available
-Lock is totally sealed with no exposed electronics to withstand climate extremes
-Lock records and identifies person entering
-Lock tracks and can download last 1000 entries
-Meets ANSI A156.25 requirements for dust, humidity, and salt

Oracode Keyless Lock Benefits for the Owner
-Transaction dates can be traced
-Replaces keys and keycards
-No wires or computer system required making it ideal for installation on single vacation home
-Grants unique access up to 128 users
-Codes can be generated days, months, or years in advance
-Codes automatically deactivated at the end of guests stay
-Allows you to keep your existing lockset
-Accepted by H.O.A’s (Replaces existing deadbolt)

Oracode Keyless Lock Benefits for the User
-Guest check-in is not required as there are no keys to pick-up or drop-off
-Long-term guests have the option to change the code to a shorter number
-No need to make arrangements to meet guests, codes can be given verbally, by fax, or by email
-Time specific code based on arrival date and expires upon guest departure

Oracode Electronic Keyless Door Locks


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