Do It Yourself Solar PV Systems Instruction Slides

We’re in the middle of a recession and the environment is falling apart – you want to do something, but you just can’t afford it; you know that solar power is the way to go, but have no idea where to start.

If you’re good with tools and are able to follow directions, you’ll love these slides on how to install solar power.

Do it yourself solar slides

Despite rapid growth in recent years, solar power accounts for less than 1 percent of United States electricity use. Solar power is more entrenched in European countries such as Spain and Germany, which have promoted its development with strong incentives called feed-in tariffs, which require electric utilities to buy solar power at a high, fixed price. In the United States, California is by far the leading solar state.

There are several ways to use the sun’s power to generate electricity. One of the most promising is called concentrating solar power. This involves using mirrors to reflect and focus the sun’s rays, providing heat, which in turn helps power a generator. Another is photovoltaic panels, such as the displays on the rooftops of homes and office buildings.


Now more than ever, average do-it-yourselfers and weekend warriors are using good old fashioned elbow grease to make home improvements and upgrades, which once upon a time they paid someone else to do.

Have fun reading the slides and learning all about PV Systems!


Unfortunately there is no retaining strap, no retaining button, and pushing the card in further does not make it pop out. Any other ideas?

Solar plants. if your referring to oraganisms i cant help but a plant that doesn’t use solar panels probably uses mirrors that are pointed at central point, usually a tower. All this light shines on the tower heating water until it boils. The hot, pressurized steam rushes over a turbine just as at the dam, and that runs a generator to make electricity.

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