Darswinkles Delights Vacation Certificates

Imprinted with your business information at no charge to you, Vacation Certificates from Darswinkles Delights are a wonderful way to attract new clients, increase traffic to your site, show your home guests you appreciate them; the possibilities are almost endless.

Best of all, Vacation Certificates are considered an advertising expense – which means you claim them as a deduction on your yearly taxes.

Darswinkles Delights will custom print what ever you choose. The vouchers are available at a cost of fifty cents each, with no minimum order amount required. There is also a $4.80 Priority Mail shipping fee; all orders are shipped Priority Mail no matter how big or small.

Ways to increase sales and leads with Vacation Certificates:

Realtors: Give a Vacation Certificate when a house sells. This would be great for both the person that sells a house and the person that buys a house. If they list thru you they get that extra special bonus. You will get more referrals to increase sales in the future once people know what you give as a Thank You gift.

Home Based Businesses: Offer a Vacation Certificate if customers order $X, offer one per every five guests at a home party, offer one as a door prize, offer one on a Lead Box at a craft fair or flea market.

How do the Vacation Certificates from Darswinkles Delights work?

These vacation certificates guarantee your customers a 3 day 2 night deluxe hotel accommodation in their choice of 20 destination cities. They will mail in the certificate with their choice of city and a $12.00 processing and handling fee. They are guaranteed to receive their requested travel dates when they book their reservations at least 60 days in advance and not selecting holiday weeks or weekends.

At no time will your customer be required to attend any type of timeshare presentation.


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