Cash Flow Analyzer Pro Real Estate Calculator

It’s difficult to say ten times fast, but it’s easy to use, and if you’re a commercial or multi-residential property investor in need of stepping up your game, the Cash Flow Analyzer Pro is the only software you need.

Create professional marketing and analysis flyers in less than 10 minutes. Cash Flow Analyzer Pro is so easy to use, even a beginner can do it.

The flyers are designed specifically to analyze the profitability of investing in rental properties, with all the calculations automatically done for you. You don’t have to be well versed in real estate investing because the software program does it all for you.

Fill the pre-set fields with information about the property, number of units, rents, vacancy factor, expenses, financing, etc.

Instantly all the required profitability factors are calculated

…and more.

The program calculates the updated federal and state capital gain tax benefits of your investment and even determines the best year to sell the property. Calculate and re-calculate as many times as you want by easily changing one or more variables; you can even solve backwards for any unknown.

The final result is a single page analysis flyer full of useful information, and complete with a property photo and your contact information.

You also have the ability to print out a variety of supplemental reports:

…and more.

For $139.95, payable by check or credit card, your Cash Flow Analyzer Pro order comes with easy instructions for installing the CD and unlimited technical support, with an on-screen and printable user manual. The program requires Microsoft Excel, which is not included.

The Cash Flow Analyzer Pro is guaranteed to improve your real estate business and increase your number of clients. The program also comes with a no risk 30-day money back guarantee.

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