Domania Home Price Check – Online Home Appraisal

Thinking about selling your home? Curious how much the homes around you have sold for? Want to make sure the house you’re buying is priced right?

Come on over to Domania, where the easiest access to home values and real estate tools are all geared to help you with your property search.

When trying to understand the value of your home, you need accurate information on what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for. You can try to get the figures through public tax records, but it can be hard to find a user-friendly resource that has all the data you need.

Domania’s Home Price Check gets their home sales data from government records collected by an assortment of regional and national providers who specialize in the gathering and distributing data to real estate professionals.

Domania receives the home sales data about six weeks after the close of the sale, and is then entered into Domania’s Home Price Check database. Most of the areas that Domania covers have at least five years of data.

But Domania’s fountain of knowledge doesn’t stop there.

A network of professionals is there to help with all your real estate needs – whether buying, selling, or simply browsing.

Domania also has a partnership with LendingTree and can get up to four loan offers for you in minutes.

Best of all, you’ll get expert advice from Domania on a variety of subjects.

And as an added bonus, Domania gives you access to an assortment of calculators.

What can Domania do for you?


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