How Do I Clean Up Or Verify My Email List?

So you’ve got a mailing list, and you’re sick of all the “return to sender’ emails that get bounced back to you when you send out your newsletters, but you don’t have the time or energy to verify each email address one by one?

There actually is a solution, believe it or not.

Advanced E-mail Verifier Business Edition by G-Lock software verifies each email and is good for an unlimited number of email addresses and connections.

Advanced E-mail Verifier Business Edition

Free Version – Paid Version

The advanced e-mail verifier will check every email address from a mailing list or database, and determine if the addresses are still valid. It’s an easy to use, reliable and powerful tool to help clean up and verify your mailing list.

The best part, perhaps, is that there is no need to disturb your friends and clients when checking if their email address is still valid. Advanced E-Mail Verifier connects directly to their SMTP server and checks it for you, so nothing is sent to the recipient.

With Advanced E-mail Verifier you can:

Get a grasp on your mailing list before it’s so long it’s out of control, and keep it in tip-top shape with Advanced E-mail Verifier – the best way to find and eliminate bad email addresses and invalid domains.


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