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What Is The Best Free Sitemap Generator? Xenu’s Link Sleuth

I would have to say my favorite tool to use for generating a sitemap is Xenu’s Link Sleuth. The program is extremely fast and I have used it with success on medium size sites. I was able to run a 500,000 page sitemap on an older computer with 4 gigs of ram/memory. Exporting (out of […]

Where Can I Get A Free Credit Report?

The best place to get a free credit report is It won’t ding your credit score and you will get the info that all 3 bureaus have on you… You can also call Annual Credit Report if your not able to get your credit report online. There number is: (877) 322-8228 Here are the […]

Free Tax Help This Saturday – March 21, 2008

The IRS is helping low income taxpapers ($42,000 or less) file their returns this saturday. It’s going on nationwide and being called the “Super Saturday” event. More info on the IRS Web Site In these difficult economic times, the Internal Revenue Service and hundreds of its community partners want to go the extra mile to […]

How Big of a Mortgage Can I Afford?

Not only does owning a home give you a haven for yourself and your family, it also makes great financial sense because of the tax benefits — which you can’t take advantage of when paying rent. The following calculation assumes a 28 percent income tax bracket. If your bracket is higher, your savings will be, […]