About Us

As far back as I can remember my family has been renting vacation homes by owner. It seemed as though every year my grandparents and parents would rent a home for a short stay, and we always seemed to find ourselves going back to Twain Harte, CA time and time again.

When the opportunity arose, my grandparents were able to buy the cabin we always stayed at in Twain Harte, making it a family vacation destination at least once a year. When my grandparents health began to fail, my parents took to renting out the cabin to other family vacationers as a way to have some much needed supplemental income.
We used several different management agencies over the years and encountered nothing but problems. My parents thought we could do it better and officially gave me the responsibility of manager.

I didn't know where or how to start bringing in renters, so I searched online and found sites where I could advertise my cabin.

Over the next year I taught myself HTML and made my first web site for the cabin. It was pretty rough & ugly but it was working. I would make a change here or there and kept adding more and more articles about the area.

The thing that made the biggest difference in both the cabin being rented and in my career path was meeting an amazing lady by the name of Cricket.

She took me by the hand and taught me Search Engine Optimization. With her help I was able to get the cabin listed in the top 10 for basically any search phrase I tried for...

This is where I saw the potential for something great.

I fell in love with the vacation home rental industry and wanted to create an amazing web site for both owners and renters alike. Vacation Rental Wonderland is more a venture of love, then money; putting it all back into the site at this time. I hope to make it my full time job.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do and PLEASE spread the word about this amazing site!


Craig Mullins

Vacation Rental Wonderland is the product of Craig Mullins, a driven entrepreneur who enjoys helping others develop their own businesses, while having a good time while doing it.

Craig likes to travel and meet new people, and is an avid student of the technology world. Combining the three, he developed the idea behind Vacation Rental Wonderland; a place where property owners can come to find renters for their homes and vacationers can find homes to rent.

Craig is also involved in a wide variety of other thriving endeavors including real estate investing, search engine optimization, Freecycle, earth friendly health products, and working with Hilary Shepherd on her up and coming Hollywood gossip site.